Commercial Security Guards

While modern technology helps with your security, the human element is just as important. For several decades, private security guards have supplemented law enforcement, and many business owners still use security guards along with high tech security systems. 

For business owners, security guards are essential to keep you and your customers safe. You may have a great business and generate a lot of revenue, but if there are no proper measures for security, you may end up losing everything to theft and other crimes. No matter how secure your windows and doors are, criminals are always looking for new ways to take advantage of business owners.

Having trained business security guards will prevent vandalism and other common misbehavior from occurring on the premises, making it a secure and safer place. We’ll highlight the importance of hiring commercial security guards followed by the roles and responsibilities of reputable security companies. Continue to read below to discover why your business needs to hire a security guard company, and why you should employ the services of American Security Max.


Security Guard Services and Duties

  • Enforce rules, law, and company policies
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Observe and report an incident which may result in damage or loss to equipment or property, or endanger the safety of visitors, tenants, and employees
  • Protect the grounds, parking area, and restricted areas
  • Perform designated foot patrols and set up a security post
  • As per management’s direction, direct traffic in the parking lot
  • Maintain logs for visitors and other business workers
  • Enforce security and safety measures such as handing out visitor badges
  • Monitor the buildings fire and alarm equipment
  • Deal with persons of diverse backgrounds in a courteous and effective manner
  • Protect property
  • Control access to buildings
  • Monitor surveillance systems
  • Inspect security equipment to ensure everything is operational, and look for evidence of tampering
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