The best security service should include a mix of security measures and tactics to ensure optimal coverage at all times. Using American Security Max, you can create a customized foot patrol security service, using a combination of standing guards covering important locations while also employing patrols between key areas. Security is no longer just an option, but a necessity for companies, with a constant need to keep your facilities safe inside and out, 24/7. American Security Maxgives you the ability to do just that with professional and highly experience security officers as part of your foot patrol security service.

Having visible security officers at your company helps promote a safe and healthy work environment during regular work hours, while protecting your important assets at low traffic times. Security officers will continue to monitor the main entrances at all times, while officers on patrol will be able to cover large areas of your facilities. Whether you are a college, shopping centre, manufacturing facility or office campus, deter illegal activity and suspicious behavior by having a consistent and visible security presence at all times.

The American Security Max technology was built with your needs in mind, fully customized to whatever security coverage you require. You can hire and schedule security officers to patrol you facilities all with the click of a button inside your personalized dashboard. See incident reports, adjust schedules, provide specific instructions for key areas all in one convenient place. The American Security Maxsolution is efficient and seamless, ensuring you can employ highly trained security officers immediately, keeping your business and staff safe at all times.

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